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>>> and welcome to "today" on this monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie geist. matt and ann have the day off. >> i see we're wearing red, white, and blue. >> very festive. >> we didn't plan it. >> no. no holiday break unfortunately at the casey anthony murder trial. >> after listening to a month of testimony the jury should begin deliberating today. sunday's closing arguments boiled down to two main themes, prosecutors painted casey anthony as a young mother who longed to reclaim her care free life, while the defense argued the burden of proof in the case had not been met. we're going to get the latest. >>> also ahead, mother nature has thrown a little bit of everything at us this holiday weekend. the national mall was briefly evacuated last night. strong line of storms battered washington, d.c. this as people dealt with record heat from coast to coast. we'll tell you what you can expect on this 4th coming up. >>> plus, the other royal wedding. prince albert of monaco tieing the knot over the weekend but will it be happily ever after? we're live in monte carlo with all the highli
" on a thursday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie in for ann today. you had to have a lump in your throat when the space shuttle "atlantis" touched down today for a final time. >> i got all choked up. that stunning image. 30 years, 135 missions, the end of an era. during the landing, you could hear the emotion and the voices of some of the people in mission control. and in the shuttle commander's voice, that was christopher ferguson. we're going to have more on the landing and the future of the space program in a little while. >>> a big scare in north carolina's outer banks. a 6-year-old girl attacked by a shark in a foot and a half of water. her mother was just a few feet away. luckily, this little girl survived. we're going to be there live in just a little while. >>> plus, important health advise for women, new recommendation on when and how often you should get a mammogram. it's confusing. it contradicts another recommendation that came out a year and a half ago. what are women to do. dr. nancy schneiderman will be here to sort it out. >>> let's begin with the dramatic end to t
deals. >> relike that segment. okay and savannah. >> do we all remember show and tell from school? >> of course. >> this week, natalie and i are going to have some fun. we're all teaching each other a skill. and al noticed i could use some help in the cooking department, so here he is trying to teach me how to barbecue. >> i'm sure you did a good job. >> he did a great job. >> fantastic teacher. >> she only got a major -- one major burn on her. >> all right. well, we'll look forward to all of that. but first, let's get a check of the news with natalie at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. it's a scorcher today in the nation's mid section, and dangerous temperatures aren't going to let up any time soon. 17 states from texas to michigan are under heat advisories and warnings, coping with high humidity and triple digit temperatures. >>> british prime minister david cameron called for an emergency session of parliament to brief lawmakers on the bribing scandal. >>> and this morning a attorney for rebekah brooks, former editor of "news of the world" arrested over the weekend sai
. and let me bring in our savannah guthrie who of course has beenle following the cases and the nuances back and forth and this has been explosive with the prosecutor and the defense team go at literally before the cameras and the judge having to pull the people over, but in the final days here, the closing arguments that we heard were powerful many say from the prosecutor who said, listen, you don't make an accident look like a murder. how do we explain this duct tape and three pieces of duct tape that ended up on this child's face? >> and the prosecutor said, who was connected to every piece of evidence in this case. it is one person, the defendant, casey anthony. another effective line i thought from the prosecutor is when she said, look, the defendant wants you to believe everyone else in this case is a liar except for the one person who is the proven liar in this case which again is casey anthony. so i thought that the prosecutors did a good job of streamlining the case, and telling essentially a compelling story of guilt. they had to pull together all of the various strands. on the oth
verdict here today. >> and anne and meg, savannah are looking at the twitter traffic and the e-mails and the thing most is the chloroform thing still does not gel or jive well with these people who are twittering or sending out the tweets and what not and also the duct tape. as the prosecutor pointed out who would make an accident look like a murder. this duct tape issue still is i think it is questionable to a lot off people, and that we will hear from the jury and i don't want to second-guess them because they have been away from their families and sacrificed to come to the conclusion, but people are out there saying chloroform was searched here not by cindy anthony and there was duct tape on this child's remains. >> well, the thing is that the defense and the heart-shaped sticker was on there or not there when the picture was take n and the residue and i will tell you that the case had a lot of phrenic evidence and jose baez, i met him at a forensic conference in seattle where he connected with others to do the homework and that showed from the verdict with the jury. and eve
. temperatures in the mid-80s. savannah, hilton haead, picture perfect. cape cod 57 degrees. beautiful out there. again, here's the big rainmaker we have. this area of low pressure that is slowly moving its way to the east. when it does you'll hear the rumble of thunder, maybe even small hail by late afternoorn. back out to the central and northern plains. same situation, not a cold front but rather warm front from the southwest to the northeast. the heat remains in the desert southwest. the question may beg, how hot will it be? going from 94 to albuquerque, el paso 97. 102 in dallas, 98 in houston, phoenix, yeah, your temperature's not there. let me help you out there. about 110 the possibility into the afternoon. there you go. los angeles going to about 677 out by staples arina. and staples center or arena? >> center. >> sorry. i'm not a lakers fan, sorry. 70 in seattle, 86 in minneapolis. 82 in chicago and 93 in atlanta. do i respect kobe. just know that. >> they call it the house that shaq built, the staples center. >> i bet that works real well for him. >> i bet. 12 minutes past the hour. s
right. >> a lot to get to. >>> natalie's off today. savannah guthrie's over at the news desk with all the headlines. hi, savannah. >> good morning. in the news today, british prime minister david cameron is on the heat in the growing phone-hacking scandal in the uk, telling parliament it is his responsibility to, quote, clean up this mess. nbc's stephanie gosk has more for us. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. cameron's been answering questions all morning. he says he now regrets hiring andy colson, former editor of "news of the world" as his spokesman. you know, for the last couple of hours, there's been a little drama here and there. but for the most part, not nearly as much drama as yesterday. like one of the celebrities that fill his tabloids, rupert murdoch and his son, james, are making splash are ny headlines . the so-called humble pie attack. seated behind him, murdoch's wife, wendi, turned into a bodyguard, springing to his defense, wielding an instinctive and accurate punch. >> your wife has a good left hook. behind it, comedian johnny marbles. fa
curry. al roker and savannah guthrie, cee lo is on fire. >> we've got a lot here. >> it's going to be 100 degrees at least here in new york city. al has been talking about it all morning. >> really, the northeast and the upper great lakes, will see some relief after sunday. but our friends in the southeast, southwest are going to keep feeling this right on into next week. we have a check of the drought, 14 states across the country. so it is not good. >> all right. what else do we have coming up? >> you ask, we answered. every week we have some of the houses and price points around the country. we're going to hear some success stories, a little bit later on, it's my turn to have the victim. earlier this week i showed savannah how to grill. savannah taught natalie how to play the guitar. and now i'm getting ready for a triathlon. >> and on a day like today, that sounds like fun. >> except for the pool. >> let's go inside. natalie, as you mentioned, has a check of the headlines. >> good morning to you, once again. the mass i've heat wave searing much of the country from kansas to
for using a controversial therapy to turn gay men straight. >>> and good day, ern. i'm savannah guthrie in for andrea mitchell today. it is back to the bargaining table for congressional leaders this afternoon three weeks from today to the debt ceiling deadline. both sides say they want a deal, but there's been in compromise or breakthrough yet. we go to kristen welker at the white house. we know officials are meeting this afternoon. the president making some news about what might happen if the debt ceiling is not raised in early august. >> that's right. president obama in an interview earlier today was asked whether the united states would have enough money to continue paying its social security checks on august 3rd if a deal isn't reached over the debt ceiling on august 2nd, which is the deadline that's been mapped out by treasury secretary timothy geithner. the president said no. he said if a deal isn't reached by august 2nd there isn't enough money in the coffers of the united states to keep on paying the social security checks. he is ramping up the pressure to try to get a deal don
. >> he looked like a rubber band. >> out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry and savannah guthrie and al roker. >> how was it possible, matt, for two planes to actually collide upon takeoff at boston's logan national airport last night? a lot of questions being asked. we will be addressing those coming up this morning. al? >> if if you wish on a weekend like this you could be laying out at the beach? we've got great news. we are going to show you fantastic homes coast to coast. $400,000 or less will have you on the beach. >> all right. >>> also, how one woman's weight loss story could help you at home if you're struggling. she decided to stop taking care of everybody else and start taking care of herself. you know what? the pounds started coming off. >> all right. more music from chris brown, but first, let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk. hi, natalie. >> good morning to you guys once again. two planes at local international airport in boston collided on the taxi way thursday night. the wing of a delta jumbo jet clipped the tail of a smaller regional p
morning. i'm savannah guthrie along with willie geist. the gang has the day off. it's willie and i. you're stuck with us. coming up in a few minutes, what a trial in florida. the casey anthony case. today is jury will begin deliberate thong cadli deliberating on this case. whether she murdered her or whether she accidentally drowned. did the prosecutors meet their burden of proof? we're going to have the latest on thanch on. >>> on the flip side of independence day, the britt tell royals. their canadian honeymoon continues right now, in fact, with huge crowds turning out to see britain's prince william and princess catherine. they visited quebec city on sunday ahead of their u.s. trip later this week. we'll have a live report coming up. >>> then, if you're preparing to party a little bit -- >> why do you look at me when you say that? >> have a couple of drinks, eat on the 4th of july, you have a couple of good reasons to indulge. small everyday changes that can have a lasting impact on your weight loss. >>> last-minute party ideas if you are headed off to a 4th of july posting or hostin
's that time of year. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and savannah guthrie. al is taking some time off this week. coming up, much more reaction to this verdict that some are calling stunning in the casey anthony murder trial. she was acquitted of three felony charges, found guilty on four misdemeanor charges for lying to investigators. but the end result here is she is not facing the death penalty or anything close to that for the killing of her daughter. jurors just did not buy the prosecution's case. >> that's right. we're also going to talk to a panel of experts about where does she go from here? at some point she will be releas released. the question will be how will she live her house given the public outcry about this verdict? >>> our money experts will be here with a little bit of financial advice. they're answering some of your questions that affect a lot of people like the best way to roll over your retirement funds, paying off college funds and whether or not your spouse's credit affects your own. >>> okay. lots to get to. let's go inside. natalie is standing by
curry, al roker and savannah guthrie. >> today we'll be talking about -- people know they should eat yogurt. that's good for you. but now the question is, which yogurts are better than others? because apparently some have a lot of sugar. joy bauer is here to talk about how to choose the best yogurt and also nuts. because some nuts are better than others. including this one right here. >> some feel like a nut. >> sometimes you don't. >> insert joke from al right there. and in our series today i attempt to teach natalie how to play the guitar. she is a great student, i am a so-so teacher. we are planning to do the summer concert series next year, so watch out. of course, nobody will probably come, but -- >> a big problem for a lot of folks, thousands of e-mails cluttering your in box or a lot of pictures on your digital camera you haven't downloaded or all of these apps on your phone. >> right. >> you are an e-hoarder and we are going to help you declutter and get organized on all of your electronic gadgets. >> whew! busted. >> we appreciate it. and let's go inside to natalie, the afor
analyst savannah guthrie. savannah, so good to have you, because i know you so well and know how well you understand these things as an attorney and as a correspondent at the big level. this is a case that has fascinated a lot of people, including me. what did you think? as a reporter, can you even say that you were stunned? >> i have to say, i was surprised. the reason i was surprised is because how quickly the jurors came back with this verdict and the fact it was a wholesale rejection of the prosecution's case. i mean, the jurors had an array of charges to consider. everything from the top charge of first-degree death penalty eligible murder all wait down to just a straight charge of child abuse, and even though anyone watching this case could see the problems of proof the prosecutors were dealt. the fact we don't know when caylee died, or exactly how caylee died although prosecutors had theories that were consistent with the evidence, but the evident wasn't dispositive of those theories. at the end of the day, i thought the jurors might get back there in the jury room and say you know
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going from st. mary's georgia, to savannah, but i'm not going by myself. i've got two other people with me, i've got cnn photo journalist rick blackburn, he's behind the camera, and producer alicia eakin. three friends, one vehicle, one tank of gas. let's hit the road. we're on, kids. >> heck, yes, we are. >> reporter: and our first stop on today's trip on a tank is here in cumberland island, georgia. where you've got the sun, the surf, and the manatees. check those guys out. but you've got some incredible ruins here too. maggie tyler of the national park service is here with us. how long have these things been here? >> it was built in the 1890s and burned in 1959 and became part of the national park service in 1992. >> been around for a long time. speaking of time, time for us to keep moving. let's go. now, let's just keep things in perspective. as we get one step closer to savannah, we'll see all kinds of neat things, but it's not like we're going to see a giant submarine sticking out of the ground. let's be serious. i'm speechless. take a look at that. the "uss george bancroft,"
, 2011. >>> welcome to today on this monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie geist. >> i see we are wearing patriotic colors, red white and blue. >> there's no holiday break at the casey anthony thursday trial. >> after a month of testimony, the jury should begin deliberating today. sunday's closing arguments boiled down to two themes. prosecutors painted her as a young mother who longed for her care-free life. the defense argued the burden of proof had not been met. >> mother nature is throwing everything at us this holiday weekend. the national mall was briefly evacuated as storms battered washington, d.c., as people dealt with record heat from coast-to-coast. what to expect, coming up. >>> plus, the other royal wedding, prince albert tied the knot. will it be happily ever after? we are live with the highlights. we begin with the casey anthony trial where the jury is expected to begin deliberations today. kerry sanders is live with us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. prosecutors get the last word. a rebuttal to the defense's closing argument,
's legal correspondent savannah guthrie and jamey floyd. welcome, ladies. let me start with you, savannah. i must be the last man in america not following this case closely. were you surprised? >> well, you know, i think a lot of us thought the jurors would convict on something. everyone could see that the prosecution had some weaknesses in the evidence that was presented, because there were these fundamental questions about when she died. how she died. and for a lot of -- >> seems pretty basic. >> it does. one could see how that could lead to reasonable doubt. there were an ray of charges. seven counts. everything from first-degree, murder down to the basic child of child abuse. so for the jurors to not convict on anything, i think i was surprised to see that. because while there were questions in terms of the forensics, how the child died, there were powerful pieces of evidence. in particular, the fact that casey anthony said her daughter died june 16th and she did not report it for 31 days is absolutely no grief, no remorse, carried on, gallivanted around orlando, and i thought jurors
colleague savannah guthrie joins us from new york. savannah an attorney and our legal correspondent. tell us about the weight of all of this given if they come back with a first-degree conviction on either of those counts that we're talking about a capital offense and a second phase of the trial. >> sorry, andrea, i didn't catch that you were talking to me. that is correct. if it's a first-degree murder conviction then we have the penalty phase of the trial. it's almost like another trial again. the only issue being whether or not she gets the death penalty. there would be opening statements, there would be witnesses, there would be closing arguments. it would really feel like a second trial. it would be the same jury and i believe the alternates, there were alternates in this case they probably would be kept along as well just in case they were needed. the jury deliberating about ten hours. i have to say i don't know what your other guests have said, i just sat down here, i'm kind of surprised at how quickly this verdict has come back. i'll give you the conventional wisdom with the warning
. and on the plaza, i'm ann curry here with carl quintanilla in for matt this morning. we've got savannah guthrie. it's great to have the two of you. what a great day today. >> gorgeous. >> i guess we have no humidity. >> this is the day where you actually don't feel where your skin ends and the air -- like a perfect seamless feeling. the temperature is so perfect. meantime, a serious skububject t is the deliberations under way for the jurors listening to the casey anthony case. they're back deliberating the case today. a jury of seven women and five men. savann savannah, you've been saying that women tend to be harder in a case like this on someone suspected of a crime like this. >> a lot of time people say women jurors are tougher particularly on female defendants. >> that's right. we're going to hear from star jones coming up this morning about that. and there she is. >> there's star right now and then we have a diet nutrition questions answered in our diet sos. one of the things we're talking about is more or less when it comes to your multi-vitamin and is it better to choose low sugar or high fi
to "morning joe." we have john heilman. and savannah guthrie. >> what we just saw, not surprising. >> what are you doing? >> it's been a while and i have not seen you guys in a while. >> it is. you guys have -- >> did you know at one point it was 187 in midtown new york, willie. >> i go away a week ago, and i think the whole deal will be done in ten days, and everything solved, and nothing -- >> exactly. >> think about how we feel. >> what is going on? >> what is wrong? >> remember what i said! >> can't you get anything done? >> it's fine. >> hi, willie. >> savannah plays guitar. >> i heard that. >> where did you sing that it was recorded? >> nowhere. >> i am here to talk about the debt ceiling. >> exactly. >> what did she sing? >> "stairway to heaven." >> how long you have been playing guitar? >> i started in my 20s. i taught myself and am not very good at all and i do know how to play a little bit. >> i said after hearing this clip, she sounds like an angel, and an angel that has smoked too many cigarettes. >> no. >> and google savannah guthrie, rock star, and you will get that. sounds g
on the road with reynolds wolf. >> this is one of the many beautiful squares in savannah but i'm not sure what the name of this particular one happens to -- of course. i mean, it all makes sense. of course it does. love it. >> one trip on one tank of gas. we'll see just how far he can go. but first, what if you're going away on vacation for seven days? how many pairs of underwear do you need? that sounds like kind of a personal question but it's fascinating in the survey to see how different men and women are. a british on-line travel agency asked more than a thousand people the question, women say in a seven-day trip, they would need ten pairs of underwear. you will not believe and you will even be embarrassed when you hear how many pairs of underwear men would take along for a week-long trip. that's after the break. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you. even deposit checks right from
again tonight to explain what went on today, our legal analyst savannah guthrie, a lawyer herself and perhaps you can explain. the judge threw at her all he was allowed to, but she's already been in prison for years? >> exactly, so she'll be out in six days. this is one of those times where people are at home thinking, wait a minute, she got a four-year sentence and she's get out in six days? the reason is because she's already spent three years in prison. also in florida, you get credit for your good time behavior in prison. they did the calculation in chambers, and the calculation means she should be out by next wednesday. the judges sentence reflects how serious he takes these charges. she lied to police officers about the most serious thing you could possibly lie about, that is the location of her daughter. and because of the time that elapsed between when she first talked to police and when they finally found this little girl, six months had passed and so key evidence likely was lost. bottom line, had she been truthful at the time she first talked to investigators, we may hav
. i'm ann curry. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. i'm in for matt. talk about taking it to the last possible minute with that header to save the game, basically tying it up. they pulled it out. >> go women. in fact, she says the history of the team is that they never give up. they're called now team destiny. we've got other news this morning. >> we're all about the ladies this morning, aren't we? talking about down to the wire. president obama scheduled a news conference later this morning to address the high stakes debt and budget negotiation. >> lawmakers are facing an august 2nd deadline to prevent the country defaulting on loans for the first time ever. on sunday the president said if that's going to happen an agreement needs to be in place in just ten days. is there any chance that will happen? we'll get the latest from the white house. >>> also ahead, william and catherine wrapped up their north american tour with a visit to california over the weekend. we'll have the highlights including exclusive behind the scenes luncheon. she even met the prince. we're going
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moment. that was just a terrific song. >>> ann curry, along with david gregory, savannah guthrie, natalie morales. >>> coming up in this hour, talking about -- we've got to get you updated on the casey anthony case. last night officials in florida pushed baforward her release da. >>> also, we've got experts to talk about hot topics. lawyer-prosecutor, star jones, donny deutsch, and dr. nancy snyderman. we'll take on the hot topics of the day. >>> also going to be talking about real estate this morning. we'll do a house tour, show you how far your money will go around the country. what you can get for $300,000 or less in cities all over the country. so good advice. > >>> before we get to all of that, let's get to the top stories of the day. >>> good morning, once again. good morning, everyone. the june jobs report is out this morning as hiring -- the hiring ground to a near halt last month. employers added only 18,000 jobs, the fewest added in nine months. the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. >>> an emotional day for nasa as the shuttle "atlantis" was poised this morning for the final missi
with savannah guthrie with us today. ann is up and al roker is here as well. so obviously al is going to have much more on how long this heat wave might last and what can you do to stay cool. >> and some of the hot topics in the news. as the 2012 campaign gets in to gear, voters sometimes choose a candidate based on their face and expressions. we're going to get in to that. and the wake of high profile scandals. why more women than men admit to sexting. that surprised me. >> not me. i don't know why, it didn't. >> who's part of that panel? >> star jones is there. nancy is there. >> there they are. >> there they are. >> they need no introductions. that's why i forgot. >> awe. >> if you think about taking a vacation this summer, there's a lot of ways to save big buckles. going to the beach, house swapping, the cheapest to travel. all of it coming up. >> stand by at the newsdesk with a look at the headlines. >>> good morning, everyone. you mentioned, 140 million americans are sweltering under extreme heat again today. the combination of heat and humidity will make it feel like 110 to 115 degrees
winding down at this moment. i'm ann curry along with david gregory in for matt this morning and savannah guthrie and legal commentator star jones as we look at that scene and what will be about to unfold. >> that's right. we know as you just alluded to that whatever sentence judge perry hands down this morning is a far cry from what casey was facing which, of course, was the death penalty had she been convicted of first degree mur. she's served 1,000 days in jail in the course of the trial and running up to the trial, two years and nine months. and today she faces up to one year in prison for each count of lying to authorities. we want to bring in our legal team right now. savannah, as we await judge perry, sentencing for us here. what are some of the options? >> well, one thing we're in suspense about is whether or not there will be witnesses at this sentencing hearing, whether the lawyers will simply make their arguments. judge perry has the option to sentence her to up to four years in prison, that's one year for each count of making a false statement to police. as you mentioned, davi
, savannah guthrie, and al roker. how is it that complaining? >> alex trebek. >> that's right. yes. we're going to get into that. >> yes. >>> meanwhile, coming up in a little while, the power professionals are back. >> yes, we're going to go over some of the hot topics, one of which is the dsk accuser announcing a public media campaign coming out identifying herself. was it a good public relations move? was it a good legal move? talk about that. a new study that makes the places to travel and finds that the u.s. is the place where people visit here in the other places, they gained the most weight. the u.s. beats out italy, france, all of the great places with food. >> usa! usa! >> weigh in on all of those issues. >> then we all know about some of the credit card perks like cash-back programs or mileage programs with the airlines, but there are some hidden perks that you may not know about. we are going to tell you about them in the fine print that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a car rentals to travel insurance. find out if they offer you these deals. >> with the rising
the verdict. we'll ask a much more stable legal analyst savannah guthrie what she thought and get a check of your weather when "way too early" comes back. >> judith militaler arrived at jail tonight. in that case said thomas hogan, up to four months confinement might change her mind, ordering her held until she decides to testify. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight. but i did. ey said couldn'tight above my wght class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. they said i chhallions of hits!d to congress. [ male annncer ] flick, sta, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the newp touchp with webos. to your kids' wet skin. new neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. can be confusing... ♪ for most people, it's a game of chance. ♪ for dentists, the choice is clear. fact is, more dental professionals brush with an oral-b toothbrush than any other brush. so choose the brand more dentists use --
bastille day outfit. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and savannah guthrie. coming up, another installment in our series today's professionals. >> a group of shy and reserved people. our group will show up with the hot topic of the day. at the top of the list is a new article drawing controversy over whether the parents of obese children should be taken into foster care custody. we'll also talk about michelle obama, she got criticism for ordering a burger and shake. and then arnold schwarzenegger getting back into the movie business. will people return to see him. there they are. very shy. >> interesting to hear what it they have to say. also coming up, we'll be talking about when there is an emergency, are you ready to know where all your papers are, what you need to go to? we'll give you advice on that this morning because the important documents you should have include your will, your life insurance policy, pin numbers, things like that. a lot of people admit they didn't keep them all in one safe lays. we'll give you an important checklist if something does happen. >> i have
lauer along with ann curry, al roker and savannah guthrie. coming up, great deals when you travel. >> that's right. it all turns out you need the right credit card to get free rooms and hotels and vip treatment from some of the airport lounges. we'll show you which card you need. >>> and you may get information when you are concerned about having a flat stomach. some information is not just the obvious like don't eat things that make you bloat or vitamins and what you drink can cause you to bloat. >>> jill martin will be back with the steals and deals exclusively for "today" show viewers. today she's got men's shirts, jewelry, shoes, some up to eight by% off. i have a journeys concert t-shirt that will go for 100% off in a few minutes. takers? >> we've got a lot to get to. let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk. she has taken off her journey t-shirt and back in her work attire. >> exactly. >>> good morning. in the news, for the third day house republicans will try to pass the debt ceiling bill considered dead an arrival in the senate. crushing setback from john b
hello and to our family and friends back home. i'm ann curry along with savannah guthrie who is in for matt this morning. coming up, we'll talk about negotiating the finances with your friends. a lot of times we all do it, we go out to dinner with our friends. all of that spot like who pays the check, who doesn't pay the check. go through that, figure out a way to make sure your relationship stays intact and really healthy despite all those questions. >> yes. awkward situation. very awkward to navigate that. >>> also ahead, making real estate conditions whether you're looking to buy or trying to figure out how to price your home to sell. we'll give you an idea how far $400,000 can go in this economy. >> okay. >> anyway. >>> hi, ann. >> the next segment, i think so, winding down in los angeles. some hobnobbing with hollywood's el late, supporting military families. we'll have a wrap-up of how will and kate spent their time in california, and you are looking very chic. >> you know actually summer hats are not just for royalty. there's a must have accessory this summer. we're go
savannah guthrie filling in for natalie. >> good morning, ann and matt. >>> in the news this morning, the search resumes for the bodies of three hikers believed to have been swept away by a waterfall at yosemite national park. nbc's george lewis is there this morning. george, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we're at yosemite falls. the search is being concentrated where two men and a woman plunged 300 feet. so far in the search, no survivors and no bodies. yosemite's many waterfalls are putting on a spectacular show this summer, swollen by runoff from record winter snowfall. >> this year the yosemite national park area received 199% of normal snow pack. what that leads us to is high water. >> reporter: it also led to tragedy when some hikers decided to dip their feet in the water at the top of vernal fall. >> it was just -- it was just -- i was shocked. i mean, to see people fall from that high and the current. >> reporter: news anchor faith sidlow of nbc station ksee in fresno, california, says one of her friends saw the two men and a woman fall. >> my friends sai
with a nice breeze going. i'm ann curry along with lester holt in for matt. savannah guthrie is joining us. the big question is, where is casey anthony? >> it's a good question. a lot of cameras when she was released early sunday morning after midnight. she hasn't been seen since which may be a good idea for now since her lawyers say she's been receiving death threats since the not guilty verdict. we'll have the latest in live report coming up. >> okay. >> and on a different topic, the economy. people struggling trying to make ends meet. we've got some tips for you to get the best deals out there. prices up across the board on everything from food to technology to travel. also a plane ticket has gone up 15% in the last year. we're going to show you how to cut your bills and find the best deals. >> we like that segment. okay. and savannah? >> do we all remember this from school. we're all teaching each other a skill. al noticed i needed some inspect the cooking department. here he is trying to teach me -- try to teach me -- how to barbecue. >> i'm sure you did a great job. >> he's a fantas
, and savannah guthrie, "today's" legal correspondent. lar san lamar said this was a dry bones case. very, very difficult to prove. was this a failure by the prosecution or a weak case? >> both. the prosecution never had cause of death. they never proved this was a murder. they relied on, what jose said in court, fantasy forensics, a heart-shaped sticker that was never there. it was outrageous to go after the death penalty in a case like this. it was clear the jury understood that. >> you did the forensics so you obviously have much more expertise on what the forensics actually showed and she can't even share all of it with us although we've been trying to get it out of her all morning. i can tell you from a prosecutor's perspective they did the best job they could with the evidence that they had. >> so was originally then you're saying you're acknowledging that they didn't have enough to work with, savannah? >> yes, excellent prosecutors. tried a very streamline, tight case. they're only as good as the evidence they have. what's fascinating here is, and we've only heard from the one alternate
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